The nursery is one of the most important rooms in the church and should reflect the type of homes the parents have made for their children (or in some cases should be much better than). It should be on the same level as the worship area and should be located close to it. It should have places for people to wash their hands and change diapers. The toddlers and the crawlers should be separated into different rooms.

Put a webcam in every room in the center. Parents can log on, enter a password, and watch their kids and the teachers live.

You can purchase our Nursery workbook here.

There are new regulations for nursery cribs. As of June 28, 2011 cribs with drop down sides as well as cribs that stack are no longer allowed. Retrofitting is also prohibited. So the odds are all of your cribs will need to be thrown out and replaced. Compliance was mandatory by Dec 2012.  After that you will no longer be in compliance with the law if you haven’t replaced all of your cribs that have drop down sides or that stack.

There are several reputable sign in software such as

  1. Kidcheck (,
  2. Kindersoft, (,
  3. Lambs List (

Many membership based software programs have built in check in systems you can use. Shelby Systems is one of them.