It is not unusual for congregations to have multiple activities on Sunday morning. When they do, it is good to consider the following givens.

One, adding a second Sunday School is very difficult because: it breaks up children from their friends; it allows people to shift back and forth between the two hours which results in teachers faced one week with a class requiring large group dynamics and the next week a class almost too small for the teacher to feel fulfilled.

Two, adding an additional worship service results in an increased worship attendance and usually if the new service is contemporary and well done the new service becomes the largest service in two to four years.

Three, a totally contemporary service does not need a choir. Instead, provide a praise team of three to four people who can lead the congregation in songs. Project these songs on the wall and take 15 to 20 minutes of the first part of the service for music. Use the piano, synthesizer, drums, flute, guitar, but never the organ.

Four, at present, the middle service is the fastest growing time for worship in America.

Five, holding worship and Sunday school at the same hour results in more people on the grounds at a given time which will impact parking.

Six, holding worship and Sunday school at the same hour results in more people spending only one hour on Sunday, i.e. most of these will opt for worship, not Sunday school. However, most of these people would never be in Sunday school anyway and would not be in worship without the middle service. This arrangement results in more young adults attending worship and leaving their children in the nursery or Sunday school. But do not worry about a second worship service during the Sunday school hour hurting Sunday school attendance. It will not; in fact, it will increase it. Some people will go to a class while their children are in Sunday school instead of going home. In time, some will commit to two hours. You will need to provide small groups for many of the adults.

Seven, it is hard for an existing staff to begin a second Sunday school without more paid help.

Eight, the best way to provide two Sunday Schools and three worship services is to have Sunday school at the early and late worship hours. This way when you make the shift from one hour to two hours, everyone has to make the change. Otherwise, none of your existing adult classes will want to move to the second hour.

Nine, if you start a second Sunday school make sure you intend to start a class for all ages. They can be combined at first, but do not try to have Sunday school for just some age groups.

Ten, if you begin another worship service, consider making it a totally different service. Options are important today.

Eleven, if you decide to build more facilities, consider designing them so that you can offer Christian Day Care for children now and Adult Day Care in the near future. Children’s child care is one of the biggest needs today that the church can fill. Not just baby sitting, but teaching Christian values through the classes and Chapel.