Leadership Network is doing a blog tour for the new book, A Multi-Site Church Road Trip, by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon, and Warren Bird.  I have been asked to participate with the bloggers.  I was asked to submit a question to which the three would respond.

Multi-Site Church Road Trip

Here is my question to Geoff, Greg, and Warren.

“What have you found to be the single most essential and common trait of multi-site pastors?”

Their response:

“Lead pastors of multi-site churches are best characterized by their entrepreneurial leadership and passion for leading people into relationship with Christ.  Their innovative bent is strong on vision and accompanied by the willingness to surround themselves with a team that is given appropriate authority and responsibility to lead staff and the congregation toward execution of that vision.  In some ways this profile is no different than that of the senior pastor of any healthy church.   The uniqueness seems to be in an innate capacity to see potential for leveraging the strengths of the church they serve into other settings – a different geographic or demographic arena.”

I invite your comments and/or questions here on this blog. The authors will be monitoring my blog.

For further dialog, see more Q&A at the authors’ blog www.multisiteroadtrip.com or contact them via Twitter: @geoffsurratt, @gregligon or @warrenbird. To order Multi-Site Church Roadtrip, click here http://bit.ly/7pmFZQ, and to order Multi-Site Church Revolution, click here http://bit.ly/5q5AaD.