I just started reading Reggie’s book Missional Renissance. As always, from the beginning i can tell its going to be a good read. What I am seeing is much of what I’ve always said about the use of the word “missional.”- its the only way to describe an authentic church. In an earlier post I called it the biblical church. Someone got offended that I used the world Biblical, but that’s because they “dont get it.”
Regie divides the world into those who get it and those who dont and I have to agree.
Some of the things I have preached for years are the following
1. God’s people (the church) are a sent people of the Way
2. The church is wherever two or three Christians gather
3. People dont go to church; they are the church
4. Evangelism and social justice are two sides of the same coin
5. Christians are special because they are chosen to bless others they arent chosen because they are special
Well I could go on, but whatever word you use to describe the movement of God in the world it doesnt matter. any authentic church is missional, and outward focused, and incarnation, and attractional, and bibilcal, and……. it doesnt matter, there is only one biblical form of the church and we are seeing a return to it as I write.