Slaughter, Michael Out On The Edge

Michael Slaughter is pastor of Ginghamsburg UMC in Tipp City, Ohio, the church leading the multimedia revolution in the thriving Redwood Churches. Slaughter shares his hands-on insight into worship, small groups, and self-directed ministry teams. This book is awesome in that it not only tells you how to do this form of worship, it also shows you by providing a CDRom (you need 16 bit Quicktime) with actually footage of multimedia they have created and used in their worship.  They have two full time people working in the media areas.  I would put this book in the Must Read category if you are wanting to be indigenous to this age.

This is the church Tom Bandy and I talked about in Growing Spiritual Redwoods.  They are doing much of what we see happening over the next 25 years. If you can read one book on worship this year, read, but especially play this one.