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From Bill Easum


Jesus is our best example of a mentor. Here is what I see him doing.

He issued an invitation and some responded. Mentoring begins by two parties deciding to be mentored.  This is crucial.  Mentor and Mentoree must agree on the boundaries.  That is why we are going to issue each month a statement defining the appropriate conversation for each track.

Then he told them how the cow ate the cabbage.  He set the agenda, not the mentoree. Mentors set the agenda because you cant give what you dont have.  He said to them if you want to bury the dead, get married, or go close your business, I dont have time for you.  In other words, the Mentor sets the agenda.

Next, he asked them to follow him around. This is the hard part of mentoring online. It’s not really a community that we have, but it is a community for some of us.  I know Bruce and I could tell each other exactly what we think of each other and our relationship would survive the harshness of the confrontation.  Real mentoring requires real honesty.  Some of us are ready for that and some arent yet.

Next, he held them accountable when they didnt live up to his mentoring.  Imagine how Peter felt when Jesus called him Satan! I could do that with Bruce and he would hear it in that context.  Over the years, people have jumped me over some of my comments online.  Some of their remarks have been justified and I learned. Some were simply the remarks of weak souled people and I ignored them.  But one of the goals of all three of the tracks will be accountability.  Accountability often hurts because it challenges something we’ve done or not done.

Accountability, much more than support, is at the heart of this listserve.  Our addictions will support us enough as it is.  What each of us need is someone who will prod us to take our faith deeper than it is. Lord knows, I need that from some of you.

When they were ready, Jesus sent them out to explore ministry and then debriefed it with them.

Finally he told them to go and do.