There are at least five ways to quantitatively measure mission involvement, and at least five ways to measure mission effectiveness.

Measure mission involvement: These measurements are in ascending order of importance … from least significant to most significant.

1)     Property use: How many community organizations completely aligned with your congregational mission use your space during the week?

2)     Financial contribution: What percent of the budget is specifically dedicated to outreach in social action and/or evangelism locally, regionally, and globally?

3)     Management: How many church leaders and members sit on the boards of non-profit organizations in your community specifically aligned with your congregational mission?

4)     Advocacy: How many church leaders and members are actively lobbying, working, praying, or raising awareness of key missions supported by the church?

5)     Hands-on Participation: What percent of the worshipping congregation are personally involved in some mission on a weekly basis, and bring that involvement to prayer in worship, and go from worship anticipating their service?

Measure mission effectiveness: These measurements are in descending order of importance … from most significant to least significant

1)     How high is the reputation of your church in social action and witness in the primary mission field defined by the average distance members drive to work and shop?

2)     How often, and with what level of leadership, do church leaders interact with corporate, health care, social service, education, and para-church boards in your mission field?

3)     What organizational policies and practices, among for-profit, non-profit and government agencies have changed this year because of the involvement of your church leaders and members?

4)     If community leaders want to raise money for any cause, do they regularly consult with your church?

5)     How often do community groups ask you for help to find space, technology, networks, and opportunities?

Your mission is what you measure. If you are serious in your mission, you will define the anticipated results in personal and social change.