Another icon of a world gone by has hit the dust. Kodachrome, the first film to effectively print pictures in color, is bidding farewell to the modern world after a nearly 75-year run. Goodbye, film; hello, digital.  Someone finally took Paul Simon’s Kodachrome away. The last operating processor of Kodachrome film in the world has closed its doors.

Mama, Don't Take My Kodachrome Away!

But film lovers, don’t despair: Kodak still makes their Ektachrome color slide films, as well as several types of color print film. Fujifilm also makes several types of color slide and print film, all of which can be processed by any full-service photo lab.

What has this to do with ministry? Well, it’s just is another nail in the coffin of “We’ve never done it that way before.” It’s also another sign that the world of the 1950s, or National Park as I talk about it in my book Ministry in Hard Times, is a gone gosling. However there is just enough Ektachrome a.k.a. National Park a.k.a. 1950’s for many churches to still believe when the Boomers grow up they will love Lawerence Welk and Ozzize and Harriot. Have I got news for you: in comes Ozzy Osborne.

Have a great 2011!

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