The U.S. is full of clergy who go from day to day with no plan for how to make their world a better place. They do what others want them to do as if that is why God put them here. Well, I don’t think that’s God’s plan. I think when God calls us, he gives us a role in the Kingdom that only we can fulfill.

The problem begins with how we talk about and view the “call.” Pastors talk about being “called” but when you asked them to detail the “call,” all most of them can tell you is “I’m called to be a pastor.” That’s not good enough. Let me explain.

Every legitimate call comes with a precise mission. Every call in the Scripture contains a call to a specific mission. From Abraham to the apostles, God calls us to do something specific.

So if you want to make your part of the world a different place and be more than just average you need to get in touch with your call and discover the real reason God called you in the first place. It will change your life.

One of the best examples of how a precise call helps one make an impact on their world can be seen in the way Mark Driscoll describes his call – “I was called to plant a thousand churches in my lifetime.” Now that’s a biblical call.

Let me encourage you to not be content with who or where you are in life. Everyone can be more than they are and achieve more than they think they can. Getting in touch with your call is one place to begin.

Question: What is your specific call? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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