Schaller, Lyle E.Discontinuity and Hope: Radical Change and the Path to the F

Discontinuity and Hope: Radical Change and the Path to the Future, by Lyle E. Schaller, (Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 1999), 231 pages, paperback, $16.00. Obtain from Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN 800-251-3320.

This book just joined my list of the top ten books of the 1990’s. No book summarizes in a quick understandable the multitude of radical changes the past forty years and their impact on the church as well as this book from Lyle Schaller. Every sentence packs a punch and causes the “Aha” light to go on.  This is one of, if not the best of, Schaller’s book to date. This is must reading for anyone wanting to understand why their church is declining or why it is growing. Schaller has made an important contribution to the pragmatic education of protestant and catholic church leaders.