A friend of mine, Rick Melheim, sent me the following and suggested I put it on my blog. It’s worth taking the time to read.

I watched six hours of the “LOST” show, the final episode, and Jimmy Kimmel’s post-show interviews last night and woke to write a piece called “Lost… Without Jesus” at www.richmelheim.com just now. It starts with:

It was brilliant.

It was intricate.

It was clear.

It was confusing.

It always kept you guessing.

It usually kept you coming back.

It was the longest-running sermon in television history.

It was all about redemption.

It was all about choices and consequences.

It was all about chance and second chances, and the myriad of alternate possibilities based on those chances.

It was, in the end, all about laying down one’s life for one’s friends.

It was Lost.

And also in the end, all of the Lost who laid down their lives for their friends were found.

Without Jesus.