In my latest book, Doing Ministry in Hard Times, I included a chapter on Living in a Wildcard world.  I grew up in a wild card world where the probabilities far outweighed the wildcards.  You could, with a certain degree of accuracy, predict what would happen next. Today, it’s impossible because the wildcards outweigh the probabilities.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Today’s world is filled with more wildcards than probabilities. If I were to list all the wildcards, this article would be too long. Let me mention a few of them in the order of their potential negative impact.

Global warming
Extreme global climate change
Nuclear proliferation
U.S. decline as a world power
Rising of China and Iran
Volatile world stock market
Oil prices

end of quote”

That’s quite a list.  Problem is it keeps getting longer and more dangerous. To lead in such a world we have to think the unthinkable and then ask, what now?

Now  I’m reading a book, The Age of the Unthinkable, and I’m finding confirmation for what Im thinking.