Workplace Ministry
Ministry in Daily Life: A Practical Guide for Congregations, William E Diehl
By: Linnea Nilsen Capshaw
“The church says it gathers people for worship, study, and fellowship presumably so that they can be effective in their worldly ministry. The church asserts that it is not an end in itself but a means to an end. Yet an examination of a typical congregation’s newsletter suggests, by what the newsletter prints and what it omits, that “churchy” activity is an end in itself.

The only way to overcome the demonic nature of the congregation is to affirm in every way possible that ministry in and to the world is fundamental to the faith. At Holy Spirit Church, we seek to affirm people on both sides of the boundaries that separate the congregation from the world. The pastor’s visit to the place of occupation is a good example of how the church can be affirming in the workplace. Workplace support groups are another way to affirm ministry.
By what it says and does, a congregation must help people sense God’s presence in the workplace as clearly as in the worship place. Here are some ways we try to develop that spirituality.”

Affirming People in Worship:
• Preaching, Services of Affirmation, Prayers in the Worship Service, Reaffirmation of Baptism, Recognizing National Holidays, Banners and Bulletins

Other Tools for Affirming Ministry:
• The Parish Directory, Bulletin Boards, Newsletters, Signs, Collected Faith Stories, and Recognition Events