From Bill Tenny-Brittian

A new Starbucks just opened about 1/2 mile from the church so I sat there the other morning and did sermon prep.  As I listened in, I heard the trainers working with staff – modeling behavior and team/partnership.  Boy did I learn something that morning!

Lesson #1 on Leading Leaders:  As the trainer was instructing a worker, the worker said she had never done the particular thing before – so the trainer said:  “Let’s learn this together.”  She did not say “here let me show you how to do this.”  Not  “OK, I’ll do it then and you watch.”  and she definitely did not walk away saying nothing and then do it herself.

Lesson #2 came when a customer wandered over to the section where the coffee gifts are stored – prepackaged coffee, mugs, coffee makers, tea, etc.  The trainer came out from around the counter, approached the customer and said:  “What can I tell you about our coffees?”  And then the follow up conversation about a gift purchase, etc.  and the sale was closed with the customer buying about $25.00 in coffee stuff.  The trainer made no assumptions about the knowledge of the customer or about the needs of the customer – she knew she had something worth selling and she wanted that customer to know about it.  A connection was made – a need was met – and I’ll bet that customer will be back.  What if we had folks ready to walk up to visitors/neighbors/strangers and ask  “What can I tell you about our mission/congregation/worship service/Jesus?” (context dependent question)

Lesson #3:  That particular Starbucks (and the ones I know in Manhattan) is a WiFi environment.  Talk about keeping up with technology.  Walk in with your laptop, connect to the internet and drink coffee all day while you work.  What are we offering that folks can connect with and actually USE in their lives?!