Too many churches confuse program management and spiritual life. When modern Christians are asked about their spiritual journey, they proceed to list all the offices they have held and committees they have served. They think the components of spiritual life are about protecting heritage, disseminating information, supporting salaried staff, or managing institutions. No way! The real spiritual life has to do with spiritual companionships, a disciplined lifestyle, learning from mentors, and aligning with God’s purpose.

Spiritual life revolves around daily Bible reading, daily intercessory prayer for strangers, weekly participation in cell group, regular involvement in some hands-on mission outreach, and “reverse tithing” (i.e. give 90% of your energy to God and the 10% you keep for family seems to grow and grow). In order to exercise that kind of discipline, you need the companionship for accountability, the mentor for guidance, the courage to tame your lifestyle, and the passion to align it to God’s purpose to redeem the world and the church’s purpose to multiply disciples. That’s a spiritual life.