Less is best when answering the question -What are the keys to growing a church from 900 to 2,000 in worship.

  1. The key question is, what would I have to start or stop doing if our church were twice its size?  All staff must be constantly asking this question?
  2. Hiring and Management of staff- setting goals and holding them to them.  Do I have the four or five basic roles in place –worship, administration, evangelistic and social outreach, and lay mobilization (Discipleship on steroids for adults, youth, and children)? What are your goals for each of the staff? Who are your Peter, James, and John? Are you the one who does the hiring and firing? Who actually leads the staff? How often do you have performance reviews? How do YOU know if each staff person is hitting on all cylinders?
  3. Improving the quality of everything esp. worship. It is rare for all staff to grow from 700 to 2,000.
  4. More than ample parking. Space will always be a problem if you grow forward.
  5. Delegation and empower have to be required of all staff. Are your staff doers or equippers? Do they have “to be” lists that are more important than “to do” lists?
  6. How well do the basic systems of our church work? Do you understand the basics of each of the following words? Systematic, Multiplication, Equipping, Redundancy , Intentionality, Accountability, Excellence, Ongoing learning?
  7. What are the three or four signature ministries of our church?
  8. Are your best people trained to invite their networks to church and even bring them with them?
  9. Closing the back door. How many people are coming in the front door never to be seen again?
  10. Small groups. Every person needs a place where everyone knows their name.