In your understanding of church leadership, what’s really the “main thing”?

Is it making sure the budget is underwritten?

Is it maintaining harmony with the staff?

Is it running a “tight ship,” making sure the policies and procedures and administrative tasks are all ship shape?

The list could go on. However, I contend that the “main thing” is that my leaders stay focused on their faith development. In my experience, when they’re “faith-full” they make more faithful decisions, work better together, and are reminded that when making decisions, they’re to choose what’s best for the church, not what’s best for one individual or group, no matter how “loud” they are.

To keep them focused, I have five questions that I ask my leaders (I only ask them one question at any given time), but I ask them in meetings in front of each other – it’s an accountability thing.

  1. What have you read in scripture this week that intrigued you?
  2. What have you heard from God in your listening prayers? (And what are you going to do about it?)
  3. Who’s life is different because of what you’ve done for them in Jesus’ name? (What act of service and how did you share that you did this because of Jesus’ love/commandments?)
  4. Who have you encouraged in the faith this week? (Which church member, church leader, etc. did you call to encourage in the faith, to pray with them, etc.?)
  5. With whom did you share your faith and what was the result?

As the leaders come to know that they’ll be held accountable for their spirituality, it’s amazing how much more they do … and how much more faithful they are when they are truly faith-full.