You’ll Need a Big Mouse

If You've Got to Herd Cats, You'll Need a Big Mouse

It’s been six years in the creating, but it finally made it to print. Written by church consultant, pastor, and author Bill Tenny-Brittian, Big Mouse is the adventure of Pastor Kent Clark, a not-so-super pastor who’s been called to the Springfield Community Church.

It’s a great church.

It’s a great call.

Just one problem …

… it’s like most churches.

It’s in decline and Pastor Kent Clark is determined to do something about that.

If You’ve Got to Herd Cats, You’ll Need a Big Mouse is the story of how Pastor Kent discovered that the only effective way to lead a congregation into a bright tomorrow is to have the biggest, most inspiring, most compelling vision in the room. To turn a church around it’ll take a “Big Mouse” vision.

Follow Kent step by step as he learns to discern, articulate, cast, and implement a Big Mouse vision – and as you do, you’ll discover how to create and launch a Big Mouse vision for your congregation.

Big Mouse is handsomely illustrated by Tim “Mr. Ollie” Oliphant and is available in paperback or on Kindle.