Jarworski, Joseph Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

(Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 1996) 213 pages, $24.95 Hardback. Obtain thru Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., San Francisco, CA 415-288-0260.

Don’t let the first three chapters of this book fool you. This book is a “must” read for church leaders wanting to dream God’s dream or for those who need a kick in the pants to force them to dream. This book is for those church leaders who want to read a book that makes practical sense out of the organizational thought of Arie D. Geus, Francisco Varela’s “TheTree of Knowledge” and “The Embodied Mind,” C. G. Jung’s understanding of synchronicity, Roberts Greenleaf’s, “Servant Leadership,” Peter Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline, David Bohm theories of “Quantum Physics,” Martin Buber’s “I and Thou,” J. S. Bell’s proven theory that everything in the world is open and therefore subject to being changed based on the actions of every living creature, Joseph Campbell’s concept of “yielding to the design of the universe, which speaks through each of us,” Rollo May’s understanding that freedom loses its foundation without its opposite of destiny, and the groundbreaking scenario planning of Royal Dutch Shell. The book is undergirded by the various fields of Quantum Physics, Systems and Chaos Theory, Neuroscience, as well as numerous references to biblical images. Spiritual leaders who can extrapolate the theological meaning of this secular book will find new ways to dream in ways that set even the most entrenched church person free from their enslavement to tradition and the past.