For the week of October 03, 2005


Interviewing Key Community Leaders
By: Paul Nickerson
As congregations begin to discern a ‘calling” to reach out to new and different groups in the community, one helpful strategy is to interview leaders in the community that are already working with that particular micro-culture. This process can help to deepen the sense of calling in the church, gain insightful perspectives, garner allies and lead to further exploration. When interviewing a community leader, some helpful questions are:

a) Tell us about the group of people you work with? What are you doing?

b) What is your perception of the needs of this group? What is working in their lives and what is not?

c) Where else do people of this micro-culture gather? Are there other leaders we should talk to?

d) As a church, we are trying to better serve the community. Do you have any suggestions that might help us with our work?

e) Other comments and suggestions.

If your congregation suffers from severe navel-gazing, get out and talk with key leaders in the community. You will learn and grow from the experience.