One of the questions I’m asked most often by the folks I’m coaching is this: “Where and how do I connect with unchurched people?” This question is in response to my trying to get pastors to spend more time with unchurched people, especially pastors in churches under 500 in worship. I want to address that question in this article.

How to Meet Unchurched People

In order to connect with unchurched people, you must have four things: a heart for those far from God; a knowledge of the community in which you serve; a personal story to tell; and a willingness to set aside regular time to connect with and establish relationships with the unchurched.

So here are some of my thoughts about how to connect with the unchurched.

  • Mine the relationships your new members have with the unchurched. New members are more likely to have relationships with unchurched people than anyone else in the church. So instead of getting them so involved in the church that three years later they no longer have any relationships with unchurched people, encourage them to invite their networks to Christ and to your church.
  • Plan weekly practical deeds in the community on a weekly basis. It doesn’t matter what these events are as long as they do four things: bless the people you’re helping, bless the city, bless those who are doing the practical deeds, and cause visibility for your church.  This is one of most important ministries a church can take part in.  The more you bless your city and others, the more God will bless your ministry. And it is also one of the few ministries I’ve seen that usually becomes inter-generational.
  • Set aside regular time every week to figure out how to reach unchurched people in your area. If you look for them, you will find them.
  • Actually follow through withand spend time with the unchurched people you discover in your search.

Have fun rubbing shoulders with people who need Jesus.

Question: What are some ways you’ve connected with the unchurched? Share your ideas in the Comments section below.

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