Most pastors spend so much time working on the congregations agenda that they seldom achieve anything close to what they feel good about at the end of ministry. So, here are a few simple key tips.

1. Go through your work schedule and find 20% of things that you feel will result in 80% of what you want to happen with your life. Spend 80% of your time on these. Delegate or empower the rest to others.

2. Of course, first, you have to decide what you want to accomplish during your life time and tenure at the present location, not what the congregation wants. To do this, you have to realize that you serve Christ in the midst of the congregation; you don’t serve the congregation. Your goal is not to take them wherever they want to go but where you interpret God wants them to go. I know this is arbitrary, but it is biblical.

3. Next, carve out the first part of the day for your own spiritual development before you go to the office. Spend at least 30-50% of your time on your own personal and spiritual development. You can not give others what you do not have.

4. Finally, always remain open for the Spirit to change your agenda, not the complainers or controllers.