These are four of the most important questions you and your staff should be asking when it comes to visitor retention.

  1. What happens when a new person visits your church? Are they greeted in the parking lot, at the door, and at the information desk?
  2. What happens with the new person the week after their first visit to your church? Are they contacted personally by either phone, mail, or email, depending on which information they gave you?
  3. Who on your staff is responsible for ensuring that you are offering the best hospitality possible? If no one is, then you are shooting yourself in the foot. A paid staff member should be on top of this every week, making sure that there is a pipeline from first visit to bonding with Christ and the Church.
  4. After the initial contact, do you have an agreed-upon way to hand off their names to other appropriate staff like the children’s director if they have children? Does the children’s director contact the visitors’ child?

Those interested in designing a hospitality pipeline that ensures that first-time visitors will return should take a look at our Hospitality Now! Training Kit.

Question: What questions about visitor retention would you add to this list? Share your additions in the Comments section below.

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