A lot of pastors feel it’s inappropriate to use power, even if it might cause something good to happen. Great leaders aren’t afraid to use power for the corporate good. They know that in the absence of strong leadership, someone steps in to exercise power. They know what normally happens when leaders fail to lead – the bullies and controllers take over and the church stalls.  They also know one more powerful thing – sharing the gospel is the greatest use of power that exists.

I’ve always wondered where pastors’ fear of power comes from, especially when all the present day denominations were born out of the use of power by one person. On top of that, we see multiple biblical examples of the use of power for good. So what’s happened? I know what most pastors who are afraid to use power tell me – they’ve seen it abused too many times and they would rather err on the side of being safe even if Rome is burning in the process. One other possibility I would offer is that over the years the caricature of the Charlie milk toast pastor has some how become accepted as the norm.

Maybe you have some thoughts on the subject. If so I’ve love to see them and I promise to read every one of them because the average pastor’s failure to use power is one of the reasons churches are in trouble. Something has to be done to get pastors to exercise power for the good of the church.

Question: Why do you think so many pastors have a hard time using power? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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