By: Jeff Patton

Hard to do, you bet! But giving thanks is vitally important.

Life in its perplexities often presents things that shake, rattle and attempt to roll you. A quick look through the Bible will find people who endured hardships, pain, persecution, and even death for what they believed.  And in the midst of these lives we find these same people praising and thanking God.

I hear from many who have to face people in their congregations who attempt to steal, kill and destroy them.  When that happens everyone loses except the thief, from whom these people have learned what they do.  Jesus said, “beware of wolves dressed in sheep clothing.”  After a while it gets very discouraging.   Perhaps this is one reason so many people are exiting churches.

I know that no matter what we/I have or will face, we/I can thank God.

I know that one day the reality of what we are living will be made known.  I know that “it will be worth it all”, all the pain, all the difficulties, the betrayal of others, and even the tragedies we face.   One day the betrayers will be exposed, the evil intent revealed, the lies exposed and the truth will be known.  The thief and his followers will be exposed.

And between now and then I will choose to thank God.  Why? Because in God’s great love for us in Jesus we have been blessed to know that love, to walk in God’s love and to share God’s love.

This Thanksgiving, give thanks for God’s love in Jesus and do me a favor…don’t keep it to yourself.