By Bill Tenny-Brittian

According to Jesus, Paul, James, Peter, and John when we confess, repent, and take reconciliation seriously we become a new creature, all the old things in our lives have passed away, and we are completely renewed. Now, hang on to that promise for a moment. Live with it. What would it mean to you if your past was erased? What would it be like if all the things you’ve always said about yourself, or others said about you, were gone? The possibilities would, quite literally, be endless. Well, that’s the transformation you have available every morning.

There are three things you have to do to live into your possibilities:

  1. First, you have to embrace the promise. If you’ve not surrendered your will and your life to the guidance, care, and direction of the Divine, begin there. Without the power of Jesus, the rest is just a psychological exercise that accomplishes very little.
  2. Second, you have to clean up your life. Now, I’m not saying you have to suddenly get “perfect,” but you do have to get really, really honest with yourself and with those in your life. If you have something against someone, or if you know someone has something against you, you have to take care of it. That’s what confess, repent, and taking reconciliation seriously is all about. You may not be able to fix any of your relationships, but you owe it to yourself and to others to get straight with then.
  3. Third (finally!), when you face each day (and each moment, for that matter), you have to live into the possibilities that lay before you. This isn’t a “believe you can fly” and you will sort of an effort, but it is to believe that when Jesus said he wanted you to have a full and meaningful life that he wasn’t just blowing smoke.

Microsoft says, “Where do you want to go today?”Jesus says, “Who do you want to be today?” You are a new creature. Completely new. As you lay in bed looking into your day, you get to choose the possibilities that you will live for. This morning I choose to embrace the possibility of being an effective writer who brings hope to people’s lives. You may choose to be a completely loving parent, or spouse, or keep it real simple – just be a completely loving person! Whatever possibility you and God work out, that’s the possibility of who you are when you climb out of bed.