4 Leadership Team Dynamics to Put on Your Radar
By: John Laster
Healthy congregational leadership has reached an endangered species level. If effective local congregational leadership was a bird or native plant, there would long since have been concerted efforts to protect the species. The scope of the leadership crisis is brought into focus by Paul Ford, who has focused his ministry over the past dozen years with leadership teams, working with 60+ denominations and mission agencies primarily in North America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. In a conversation with me last year, Paul remarked,
“I have had the privilege of working with over 1000 teams of all sizes and shapes and theologies, and would characterize less than five percent of those teams as healthy. By healthy I mean having a shared vision, some quality of honest communication, and with the majority of the players owning the vision and playing his/her God-designed part.” These four dynamics provide a framework for on-going dialogue and teambuilding among your leadership.