Pastors are notorious for hiring and then either totally abdicating leadership to new staff members or micromanaging their every move.

Five Steps to Staff Effectiveness

Give your staff the following five vision statements, and you’ll move closer to the right balance between abdication and micromanagement.

  • This is where we are going. “We are becoming a church of thousands in multiple locations throughout the city.”
  • This is your part in it. “Your effectiveness in this growth will not only grow strong youth but it will also grow strong families.”
  • Here are the expectations I have of you. “You are to increase the youth ministry by 25% over the next twelve months and involve 10% of the adults in the ministry.”
  • Don’t worry about going it alone or being micromanaged. “I will be one step behind you to help you meet these expectations.”
  • What do you need from me to make this happen? “I will get you whatever you need so that you can make your ministry a success.”

Question: What are your five church-specific vision statements? Share yours in the Comments section below.

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