We’ve looked at how to break the barriers of 200 and 500 in worship; now it’s time to examine how to push through the 1,000 barrier.  Keep in mind that each barrier builds on the essentials of the previous barriers. So you might take a look at them also to make sure you have each essential in place before implementing the essentials for the 1,000 barrier. Any one of the essentials that is missing will make your leadership more difficult.

Essentials for Breaking Worship Barriers

Essentials for breaking the 1,000 worship barrier:

  1. The pastor or an executive pastor or business manager does the hiring or firing instead of a committee.
  2. The pastor has begun identifying the Peter, James, and John who will become his inner circle and “go to” people.
  3. All staff are specialists in what they do but are flexible when it comes time either to change positions or move up the leadership chain.
  4. All staff understands that it is more important to reproduce other leaders than it is to do ministry.
  5. The church has a system in place for taking people from the marketplace to discipleship and back out into the marketplace to be backyard missionaries.
  6. A strong small group system is in place that focuses on sharing life together around the scriptures.
  7. All staff members function with little supervision and most of them could step in and take the pastor’s place if incapacitated for a short time.
  8. The following areas of ministry are staffed with full-time people: children’s ministry, worship, discipleship (could include small groups), administration, and evangelism outreach.
  9. Whoever does the hiring and firing has spent time honing their skill.
  10. Leading a staff requires that the lead pastor:
    • makes sure the right people are on the right bus in the right seats
    • sets the agenda
    • clarifies the “how-tos” of reaching the agenda
    • holds people accountable to the “how-tos”
    • coaches them along the way so they constantly improve

Question: Of this list of essentials, which do you think is the most important for a church breaking the barrier of 1,000 in worship? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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