Equipping Tips by Bill Easum
1. Ask yourself “If we are twice as big as we are now, can I keep doing what I’m doing now?” then list the things you are doing that anyone could do. Then list those things that anyone could do with minimal training; then moderate training; then with major training they could do most of what I do that is important.

2. How’s the best way to work myself out of this job?

3. “Who can I put on my ‘to be’ list.” These are the people whose eyes light up when you cast your vision. You can start with setting a goal of finding one person each week for the next ten weeks. Then is the maximum to begin mentoring.

4. “What can I do now to connect with each person on this list?” Make it a point to invite to lunch, or cross paths with next week at the coffee pot after worship, or golf course, or ….

5. Start where they are in the mentoring process.

6. Develop the mindset of a visitor.

7. Evaluate staff on the basis of their equipping.

8. Changes from volunteer to servant and,

9. Behavior is modeled not taught.

List the servant ministries you have for First Time Guests, Day Old Christians, Maturing