It is becoming increasingly clear that if outreaches to our cities are not both caring for the people as well as aware of the environmental footprint we leave behind we are not going to make our greatest impression. It is high time that we open our peepers to become aware of the complete imprint we are leaving behind once we step out to show God’s love in a practical way. What good does it do to show God’s love (or attempt at that) and at the same time ruin our impression with poorly thought through steps that don’t take into consideration the way we step onto the playing field as far as the earth is concerned.

The good news is we don’t have to tremendously alter our outreaches in order to be both earth-friendly and people loving. It’s easier than you might think.

Beginning this month and periodically thereafter we at Serve will focus upon ideas that will help bring up the issue of Eco Outreach to our readers. We are excited to bridge the gap between these very similar ideas.

As you read along here at Serve and ideas come to you don’t hesitate to step out to try your own local earth-friendly approaches to outreach. As you experience success please pass your experiences on to us. We will consider featuring your ideas here in upcoming issues.

Affordable Water Bottles That Recycle

One of the best projects that seems to work in any weather type and is well received anywhere on the globe is water bottle give aways. People need hydration numerous times a day – that is a human fact of life. However the concern is for the question of recycling. For good reason when you are concerned for the environment you might wonder if the container you are drinking from is going to be potentially be an eyesore on the earth after you drink from it moments after you have enjoyed your refreshment.

In general there is no easily recyclable plastic water bottle on the market just yet. We have hear rumors that the Wal-Mart people are concerned for the environment and are specifically working on water bottles that are going to be more easily recyclable. As of now that is talk and plans.

I recommend when doing water bottle projects you adjust your give away in several ways:

A.  Have recyclable receptacles (large cardboard boxes usually – they are easily reusable) nearby when you give away water from now on. Some will down the water while you are there on site. Give them the visible option to dump it in the right place while you are present.

B.    At the bottom of your connect cards put either a recycle symbol or actually spell it out, “Please recycle this plastic.” There’s nothing wrong with a bit of positive coaching. As you direct people in the way they ought to be going you will be showing them the right way to live. They will respect you for your efforts.

C.    If you are in a city that is big on recycling it might be important to come right out and say, “Please recycle” along with your other phrase, “We are showing God’s love in a practical way.” Again, you will get props from the people you serve – they will respect you for what you are up to.