Preparing for the Coming Flood

by Jeff Patton

I believe God is up to something.   All across the World there is a huge flowing of new life into the lives of people. Are you prepared?  What if this happened in your town, to your congregation?

I believe this increase will not be due to any “tactic” or new idea.  I believe the increase will come about as you and your congregation does two things:

1) Pray;

2) Invite the Holy Spirit to return to your life and worship.

I believe the flood will come in the fall and you will have the summer to pray, open your lives to the power of the Holy Spirit, and prepare your current congregation to be leaders in the coming flood.

This flood will be started as you pray particularly for those that no one wants.   As you pray that God would send you those that no one wants, you will be surprised at what God will do.   God is looking for congregations who will pray, who will teach their children to pray, their youth to pray, their adults to pray.  God is looking for congregations who will pray for those that no one wants, the least and the lost. God is looking for those who are on the highways and byways, the over looked, the “not looked at” people.

You can’t do this on your own.  You will need God’s power, God’s wisdom, God’s gifts, God’s presence, God’s vision.  In short, you will need the Holy Spirit.   Somewhere between the useless extremes of total emotion or total intellectualism is a place where the Spirit of God will be welcomed, the gifts of the Holy Spirit will flourish, the minds of your people will open with wonder, and their hearts will be filled with joy.