(Abingdon Press, 1996)160 pages, plus bonus Spreadsheet Disk, $29.95, Paperback. Obtain thru Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN 800-251-3320 or thru 21st Century Strategies, 361/749-5364.

This is one of the most complete tools a church leader can use to see where the church has been the past ten years, see where the church is this year, and then determine what it needs to do to grow spiritually and numerically. Church leaders will use this tool over and over each year in their church. Church consultants as well as church leaders who want to be more effective in any church in which they find themselves will find this an invaluable tool. A disk is provided to help to help compute the math and do the charts.

This tool contains all of the material Bill Easum used to sell for $250 to people wanting to consult with churches. It is now available for $29.95. Bill used this tool every year the last ten years at the church he served for 24 years. This enabled him to see the trends as they were developing before they became more than trends. You will use this tool over and over.

The Complete Ministry Audit gives you all of the information Bill used in his consultations with churches up to 1996. It is a gold mine of information, much of which is not available anywhere else in print from him.