Just a quick word at Easter.

I was watching the TV tribute to the Bee Gees. And I thought what it must be like to have such a tribute made about you and all of the millions of people watching, just for you. Then my thoughts went back to the Easter Tomb that popped open with no one around to give tribute.

We live in a crazy world – millions pay tribute to the Bee Gees and no one is around to pay tribute to the empty tomb. At least not then.

Then I thought about all the pastors who quietly go about their daily lives ministering to others, often with little to no tribute.  But of course we all know that giving is not about tribute but about love.  God so loved us that he gave and we are asked to do the same.

So I’m grateful for the music the Bee Gees left us, but it pales in comparison to what God has left us His Son.

A blessed Easter everyone and especially all you pastors who go about your daily lives serving others.

The Effective Church Group