Mainline churches are at a crossroads – either they wake up to the major trend of our time or they will continue to be irrelevant or, worse yet, go out of existence.

What trend am I talking about? I’m talking about multiplication. Instead of struggling to stay afloat mainline church leaders should learn how to become a multiplying church.

For the last couple of years I have shared with you my two-year journey with Exponential’s multiplication think tank. Several books have been written as a result of those two years. One of those books was from Bill Tenny-Brittian and myself titled From Scarcity to Abundance: Creating a Culture of Multiplication. The book is free to download at

But there’s the problem – all of the books on multiplication are written from a perspective that doesn’t resonate or work with most mainline leaders. The books are excellent but none of them factor in the mainline situation. That brings me to the subject of this post.

Last week the Effective Church Group published Dinosaurs to Rabbits: Turning Mainline Decline to a Multiplication Movement. Our goal is to give mainline leaders a blueprint for moving from decline to multiplication.

The good news is there are still enough people left in the mainline camp to once again participate in growing the Kingdom. The bad news is Mainline denominations have declined to the point that holding the line or growing by addition will no longer be sufficient to keep the denominations alive much less increase the Kingdom. It’s time for a major change in the way mainline churches go about ministry.

So we hope you’ll take the time to grab a copy … it’s available on Amazon and in our online store. I reached #1 last week in Amazon’s leadership book sales. We feel it will be a major milestone for both the Effective Church Group and for all mainline churches that respond to its call.