Desire for God: Journal for Life in the Eternal
Convergence 2004 – Global Positioning for the Soul
By: Tom Bandy
The spiritually yearning, institutionally alienated public is still the fastest growing demographic in North America today … and Christian mission is adjusting with a whole new merging of spiritual life, team multiplication, and worship design. Tom Bandy will introduce two powerful tools for personal growth and worship design in the emerging seeker sensitive mission.

– The new journaling tool helps the leadership team mentor one another to explore the intersection of human yearning and infinite grace on a weekly basis.

– The Uncommon Lectionary helps people interface the experiences of Jesus with the spiritual needs of people in two annual worship design cycles. The “Seeker Cycle” walks people through the basic Bible every Christian should know; the “Disciple Cycle” coaches Christians to go deeper in the application of Christian truth with daily life.

Prepare yourself for the presentation!

– Make a list of the key Bible passages that have clearly and dramatically transformed and guided your life … and bring the list with you to the Convergence.

– Re-read the last chapter on Christology from our book Growing Spiritual Redwoods, and begin to pray about the six different ways the experience of Jesus connects with the spiritual hunger of the public.

Be sure to bring a team to the Convergence, because Tom’s presentation is based on the assumption that team spirituality is the worship design launching pad of the future.