By: Linnea Nilsen Capshaw

Leaders and Change Agents

The hero’s journey is a story of individual transformation, a change of identity.  In embarking on the journey, we must leave the world of certainty.  We must courageously journey to a strange place where there are a lot of risks and much is at stake, a place where there are new problems that require us to think in new ways.

Because there is much at stake, we must engage and resolve the problems before us.  To do so successfully, we must surrender our present self—we must step outside our old paradigms.  This venture outside of our current self will cause us to think differently.  To continue our journey is to reinvent the self.  It is then that our paradigms change and we experience an “expansion of consciousness.”  We begin to realign ourself with our surrounding environment. Not only do we view the world differently, but we view it more effectively.

…When successful, this process alters our original frameworks and our original self.  We become highly aligned, successful, empowered, and able to help and inspire others.  Only when this realignment is successful are we able to become leaders and change agents.

pg. 45-47