Korten, David C.When Corporations Rule the World

(Kumarian Press) is one of the most important books of 1995. His theme is that we are entering a time when global expansion makes it easier for corporations than governments to rule the world. He cites numerous examples of corporations lining up to do so. Their argument is that free trade throughout the world, without any restrictions, brings about a better life for inhabitants of all the countries involved. They assume that economic growth and presuming upon the environment can go on indefinitely. On the contrary, Korten stresses that economic growth can no longer be the organizing principle of societies. Quality of life is spiritual, not economic. However, quality of life will come from local autonomy, not world governments. Corporations need to get out of politics. He says, “Think globally; act locally.” The way out of our mess is to produce societies that place a higher value on nurturing love than making money. The book is full of environmental facts, but mostly it offers a comprehensive plan for a better quality of life for all people. I give it four stars.