Churches doing small groups as the lifeblood of the church need to consider the following key issues. To overlook any one of these is to lay the foundation for failure.

1. Leadership training must occupy a priority place in your ministry. Studies show now that leadership training is the most essential part of small group ministry.

2. Small group leaders must be taught the multiplication rules and live by them. The groups must multiply or become ingrown. Multiplication can be as simple as the leader leaving the group in the hands of the Intern.

3. Small groups must not be another program within many other programs. Instead it must be the ministry of the church.

4. All staff must be on board, including the choir director and should be leading a small group or at least in one.

5. Don’t be in a hurry. Small Groups are a system approach to ministry and takes 3 to 5 years to begin to work, as it should. The smaller you begin the better.

6. Restructure when you need to so the staff doesnít have to go to too many meetings.

7. Understand that conflict happens in effective small groups and is the prelude to growth when it is not swept under the rug.

8. Understand that a sane span of care is to provide an equipped layperson to pastor every ten people.