According to Forbes Magazine, new businesses starting with partners were four times more likely to succeed than those who started with solo entrepreneurs. Do not start alone.

A suggested planting team consists of the following members:

Team leader (Pastor):
Full-time, paid.
A magnetic personality, networker, entrepreneur, who attracts a diversity of people.

Worship leader:
Full-time, paid.
Recruiter of various types of indigenous music. The primary responsibility is to recruit unchurched people who just happen to like singing, playing an instrument, being involved with drama, running the sound system, or generating computer graphics.

Children’s Minister
Part-time (10 hrs/week), unpaid.
The ministry involves recruiting, training, and planning.

Part-time (10 hrs/week), unpaid.
Relational person who provides care for people that are hurting, and starts support and recovery groups.

CEO type who designs the ministry systems.

Helps create fishing pool events in which relationships are built within the community.

Person who designs and maintains the financial systems to support new ministries.

Selecting the original Team and Worship Leaders are the most crucial steps in church planting.