Transformational Small Groups

One of the key elements of most discipleship pipelines I’ve seen is what I call “transformational small groups.” The problem is, when most people hear “small groups,” they think of Bible studies, which is far from what is meant by a transformational small group. Let’s look at the difference.

Most ineffective small groups are primarily […]

Radical Discipleship: Key to Authentic Growth

A Blog by Bill Easum and The Effective Church Group

By radical we mean becoming more and more like Jesus in every way. That’s a big, hairy, audacious goal for sure. But it is at the heart of what Jesus did every day with the disciples. He mentored them to become like him. He wasn’t […]

Radical Discipleship Is What We Need

Radical Discipleship

The one ingredient missing in many of today’s churches is radical discipleship.[1] Radical discipleship was the norm for the early Christians.

So what is radical discipleship? It is allowing every facet of one’s life to be shaped by the life of Jesus. It’s more than attending a membership class or attending worship or even […]

Is Church a Verb or Noun?

Is the word “church” a noun or a verb? How you answer this question explains whether you understand the Gospel or have totally missed its point.

So let’s start by asking a question –“Which image best portrays a church?”

Which one did you pick? By the conversations of most Christians it would appear to be the […]


Last night I watched Selma. It’s hard to believe our country was ever like that. But I remember when I was a young kid of 17 or 18. In the summers I drove an 18-wheeler cross country to help pay for school. On the really long trips there would be two drivers, and usually I would […]

Worship Is a Celebration, Not a Performance

A friend of mine called the other day to ask my advice about something going on at his church. It seems one of their lead worship singers leaves the room as soon as she is finished singing and sits in the lobby drinking coffee, never attending a service. He has said something to her […]

Some of Us Don’t Value the Soul Anymore

During my 50 years of ministry (Yes, 50. That’s not a typo.), I’ve become convinced that most churches don’t put much value on soul. And that saddens me.

Why do I say this?

Far too often, more than anything else, money defines a person or organization. The old saying “show me your pocket book and I’ll […]

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Many of you know that for the past two decades I have been obsessed with offshore billfishing. It’s impossible to give justice to a description of the feeling one gets when a 400-pound blue marlin is coming toward your bait. You see the fin, then the bill, then the crash as the Blue attacks […]

With Whose Reality are You Living?

But wait, pause, think for a moment before you answer that question with “Well, of course, with my own.”

Many, many years ago one of my mentors was pastoring a very conflicted congregation in which several members had no filters when it came to telling him about how things ought to be and how they […]