Sorry for not posting in  a while but my wife has been in the hospital going through two surgeries. However, she is doing wonderful tonight and may go home soon. So I’ve been a bit distracted. But God is good and all is well with my wife. That is the good part of this post.

Now to the ugly part.

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  A good friend of mine was in Haiti on mission work and had just checked into the hotel 5 minutes before the quake hit.  It took some time for them to find him and they flew him to Ft. Lauderdale, but his infection was too severe and he died.  If the quake had hit 10 minutes sooner he would be most probably alive.

My friend served with me on our staff at the church I restarted and served for 24 years.  He was one of the first associates I was blessed to serve alongside. Clint Rabb will be remembered for his love and passion for the least, the lost, and the last and the radical ways he showed it.  He served with his heart not the polity. Not always doing it by the book, but always doing it the way he saw it through God’s eyes.

Clint was younger than me and didnt deserve what he got. But I rest assured in the fact that he is now with his Maker.

Clint, you will be missed.