This morning was Pentecost Sunday. As I was setting in worship at a church Im consulting with  the pastor read from Acts 2:1-21. Man, that’s some text. I found myself saying “Are these people ready to hear this text? Are they able to believe the things the text says happened and will happen – people of different tonges hearing in their own language, sun turned to darkness, and the moon to blood?

My answer strong NO! What will it say to the first timer who has no faith? Will it cause them to conclude that Christianity is weird?

Then I begin to think why I didn’t think these people could swallow the text no matter how they  interpreted it?

The answer is simple – the people in this church haven’t spent the last ten days cloistered away in constant prayer seeking God’s guidance about how to face the future.

Is your church any different? What might this say about what Scripture we use in public?

Give this some thought. Any conclusions?