I’m not talking about mega churches or even large churches. I mean, who is your Adult Worship Service designed for?

If your choir is singing in robes, it’s probably for Senior Adults who have lots of church experience.

If your band sounds like Peter, Paul, and Mary with guitars and a keyboard, it’s probably for Boomers.

If your band has a drum kit, booming bass, and the music is Hillsong, then perhaps the service is for Gen-X.

If you’re singing hip hop, you’re zeroing in on Millennials and Digitals.

And if your sermon addresses contemporary issues, theological issues, uses the lectionary, or depends on sermon series, you’re aiming at … adults.

What do all these “styles” have in common? Every one of these worship services is designed for people who have reached a certain age … adulthood.

What none of them are is designed for children.

If your goal is to bore your kids right out of church as soon as they can convince their parents to stop making them go, then continue to make the children sit with the adults in “Big Church.”

If your goal is to turn children into disciples of Jesus Christ, then get them into a worship service that’s designed for their age and stage.

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