Almost every church leader I’ve met tells me they want to grow their churches.

Be careful what you ask for.

A growing church brings problems. LOTS of problems. To be honest, a growing church is a pain in the neck, back, backside, and pretty much everywhere else.


Because a growing church demands change. Real change. Painful change.

Imagine you suddenly have twice the people you had in church last week. Sounds like a good problem to have, right?

Wrong. Not only are their fewer parking spots, there are fewer seats to sit in. And invariably, someone’s going to sit in the Blackman’s personal pew and John Blackman is just the man to tell them so.

You’ll need more help in the nursery … and it’s already nearly impossible to get enough volunteers with the “crowd” you have now.

You’re going to run out of coffee … never mind that the after-church fellowship cookies will suddenly be in short supply.

And worst of all … now your congregation can be outvoted on whether to install the new screen, replace the red carpet with hardwood flooring, remodel the Senior Parlor, or put a drum kit up on the chancel.

Church growth is a pain.

Perhaps it’s better to just stay the size you are … or get smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller..