This came to me today from one of the churches I coached.  I thought you might enjoy it.  This is what I mean by “Neighborhood Missionaries.”

The Church Has Left The Building…We’ve Gone Outreaching!

FUMC Servant Evangelism teams have done just that! 

Since April, we have made about 1,400 contacts through 11 scheduled events! We’ve had as many as 26 servants and as few as 3 at a given event! 

We’ve gone out to serve on almost every day of the week, morning noon and night, in the sun, rain, and humidity! 

We’ve given away popsicles, flower seed packets, fruit, light bulbs, carnations on Mother’s Day, bottled water at Relay for Life, hot dogs and drinks, paper fans, cards on Father’s Day, and school supplies.  We’ve loaded groceries into cars, painted faces and a Habitat home, washed cars for free and even cleaned toilets for businesses on Broadway. 

There are stories to share from each event. People are shocked that we would actually wash their car without taking a donation, clean their toilet, or simply give them something for free! A lady posted a thank you message on Facebook for the paper fan that cooled her during a baseball game, a man sang hymns to us while he waited for his truck to be washed, and the brother of one of our church members was elated when someone purchased his lunch and passed a connect card to him via the drive-thru worker!

Curiosity is stirred in people as we offer gifts and services with no strings attached.  They want to know who we are and why we do this.  The answer is easy…”We are God’s children and God loves you!”  This ministry continues to do small things with great love.  It’s a blessing to be a part of it and to watch God work through us and in us here at FUMC.

We are free to serve! Galatians 5:13

Question: What are some practical ways you and your church have become “backyard missionaries?” Share your ideas in the Comments section below.

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