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Let me inject a word of caution taking this whole issue to seriously. It is one thing to go to great lengths to make the nursery secure from non-custodial parents kidnapping their own kids or a pedophile molesting a child. it is another thing for churches to put bars on the windows and doors […]


The most important thing to do … and you can do this in conversation with your various teams at church … is to decide what the missional goal of the sabbatical is. Frequently I find clergy unclear about this, and later they or the church discover the sabbatical was really just a healing or […]

Alternatives for Sunday School

In my book Dancing with Dinosaurs (1993) I predicted the end of adult Sunday school.  Now we are seeing many new Southern Baptist Churches starting with no adult Sunday school and instead small groups that meet in the homes.

Now it’s time to make another prediction which has already begun and will soon be a trend […]


Keep in mind that restructuring never causes a church to grow. However, it does help a church grow. Most healthy established churches back into restructuring, that is because of their growth, they reach a point where they need to change the way they do things to facilitate faster and more efficient disciple making. So […]


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There are at least three major issues regarding setup:

1) the chairs: are they already fixed in seating, or do you have to set them up?
2) the sound system (and lighting, if you require that as well) will require quite a bit of […]

Reaching Young Adults: Podcast with Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer Podcast

Top Five Reasons Why Churches Don’t Grow

When I get called in as a consultant to work with stuck, plateaued, or declining churches I have a couple of things I look for right off the bat. In the vast majority of the cases I discover that their inability to grow, let alone sustain, their membership is caused by one of six […]

The Fine Art of Coaching Small Groups

Coaching appears to be the “next” big thing when it comes to church leadership. It seems almost everyone either (1) wants to be a coach, or (2) wants to be coached. The fact is, everyone needs a coach, but a great teacher doesn’t necessarily makes a good coach. Indeed, being a great practitioner of […]

Local Churches with High Capacity Church Multiplication Centers

By Linda Stanley

Recently, Leadership Network sponsored a briefing at Central Christian Church in Henderson, Nevada that included presentations from local churches that have high capacity church multiplication centers. These churches are participants in a five-year pilot project that was designed as a strategic partnership between each of them and Leadership Network. The project began […]