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Summer Ministries

From Bill Easum   From our Advanced Leadership Forum. Click here to join

Too many churches reduce ministries in the summer.  95% of these churches are declining and the attitude that would allow them to reduce ministries in the summer is one of the underlying issues of dying churches.

If so little is happening in your church […]

Lessons from Starbucks

From Bill Tenny-Brittian

A new Starbucks just opened about 1/2 mile from the church so I sat there the other morning and did sermon prep.  As I listened in, I heard the trainers working with staff – modeling behavior and team/partnership.  Boy did I learn something that morning!

Lesson #1 on Leading Leaders:  As the trainer was instructing a […]

Why Don’t People Attend Small Groups?

From our Advanced list serve (2006)   To join click here

In the past while serving more conventional churches, I’ve also experienced the difficulty of getting small groups up and running.  I was pondering, as I read your email, as to why it is so difficult to get them started.  Here are a couple of thoughts I have, […]

The Secret to Small Groups

Small Groups, the secret by Bill Easum (2004)

A question from one of our small groups

Would you please elaborate on what you see as the key to effective small groups? What will help them keep from being as ineffective as Sunday school often is, except that they occur at another time or day of the […]

Sidewalk Sunday School

Utilizing a box truck converted to be a portable platform theater with complete sound system, our volunteers travel to consecutive sites in the inner city, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. This high energy weekly program includes music, drama, Bible object lessons and stories, games, prizes and promotions. Each exciting minute is packed […]

Terminating Staff

By Bill Easum

The best practice for someone who is no longer functioning in a position like they should is to let the person go as soon as you make the decision that this is the best thing to do. Waiting always results in that person making a bigger mess when they leave. Do not […]

Staff Syndromes by Milton Lewis

From Milton Lewis, Pastor of Northern Hills in San Antonio, TX

syndrome . 1. A group of signs and symptoms that collectively indicate or characterize a disease, psychological disorder, or other abnormal condition. 2. a. A complex of symptoms indicating the existence of an undesirable condition or quality.

1. The Star Syndrome

2. The Manageable Size Syndrome

3. […]

Pastor and Staff

From Bill Easum

I would say that no matter what the circumstances, unless moral
failure, the loyalty of the staff must be to the senior pastor without
hesitation.  When a staff member cant do that they should leave for
good of the church.

It means never, ever, contradicting whatever the staff decides at the
staff table. it means praying for one […]

Hiring Staff Method

In a program based church the following model works very well in hiring staff.

Before advertising for the position, develop a clear Mission Statement setting out all of the expectations and objectives on which the person will be evaluated.  This way the person knew what was expected before joining the staff.

Next, advertise nationally through your  […]