Well, Citibank just showed that it doesn’t get it.  Because they aren’t allowed to give large bonuses because of the 365 billion in TARP money given them, they have just issued raises to all employees up to 50%. If you have a Citibank card it’s time to cut it up and get another credit card. It’s time to pull out any assests from Citibank.

Its also time for Obama to require them to pay back all our tax payers dollars. No one is bailing you or me out. I certainly haven’t gotten a bonus or a raise and I doubt if you have. Most of us are just thankful to have a job.  Citibank workers should feel the same.

It’s time to tell our government to get its brains in the game and quit giving our money away without huge strings attached.

Citibank, 50% raises in lieu of bonuses. Citibank is not doing well, and they got bailout money. What is going on?