Why do we try to do things on our own in church ministry?  Why do we seem to honor being a Lone Ranger?  Okay, not even the Lone Ranger did things on his own.  There was Tonto.

The greatest professional athletes have coaches.   Why do we do ministry relatively alone?  Why does the concept of a coach seem so foreign to pastors?  Is it ego?  Fear?

Being a pastor has always been hard.  It is especially so today.  Why do a few ministries grow while so many decline?  Are you good pastor if your church grows and a bad one if it doesn’t?

Being a faithful pastor is far more complex than that.  We each have our own unique calling.  The point is for every Christian, pastor or whoever, to find one’s mission and have a laser focus on just that.

There are so many voices, both inside and outside the church, which will tempt us to get derailed.  That is the real threat.  That is the real evaluation as to whether we are successful/faithful or not.

So if you are willing to go down this road, what does a coach do?  A coach has wisdom, but a coach doesn’t tell you what to do.  A coach helps you stay focused on the vision and mission.  A coach helps you discern the voice of God and leave other voices behind.  A coach helps you discover what God is telling you is the most faithful journey forward for your life and ministry.

Our congregations often have small groups which provide this type of experience for church members.  But being a pastor is a different story.  You need your own space.  You need a safe place.  You need an opportunity to vent and explore options.  That is what a coach can provide.

That is one of the primary reasons that The Effective Church Group exists.  We would love to come alongside you.  Please, if not us, find someone to be a coach in your life if you are a pastor.  For your sake.  And for the sake of the precious people to whom God calls you to touch with His Love.